Interesting Cases

Many People have benefited from Elixir in cases such as Hair Translants, Face Surgury, Cosmetic Surgury etc. Elixir mentions a records of all these patients. Some of these Interesting cases are Hair Transplantation Surgeries are shared below.

Some Interesting Cases of Hair Transplantation Surgeries

1. Facial Surgery of a Hakim

Elixir Hair Transplantation and Surgical Center examined the case of a Hakim who had no facial hair with the left side of his face. The clinic of Elixir Hair Transplant suggested the person to go through surgeries of facial hair transplant. The result achieved as through this whole process of hair transplant surgery preformed are displayed below in the form of pictures. This Hakim is thankful to Elixir and have benefited a lot from the surgery.


                                          Before Elixir Hair Transplant       After Elixir Hair Transplant

2. A Girl who Burnt her Hair

Humria was a young girl who burned her hair as a result of an accident with fire. Elixir hair transplant after examining her case suggested her to go for surgeries of Hair Transplantation. The result of such surgery that had little chances of success turned out to be a successful one. Humira is thankful to the team of Elixir in providing means of restoration with on her scalp. The pictures of Humira are displayed below.


                                          Before Elixir Hair Transplant       After Elixir Hair Transplant

3. Hair Transplantation of a D.J

Hadia Arshad working as a D.J also consulted the clinic of Elixir Hair Transplant from preforming surgeries of Hair Transplantation for increasing the density of hair on her scalp's hair line. Elixir Hair Transplant examined her cases and preforming the surgeries of Hair Transplantation with on her scalp. Now D.J Hadia Arshad is thankful to Elixir for providing her cool, fresh and attractive. Her pictures are displayed below.


                                          Before Elixir Hair Transplant       After Elixir Hair Transplant

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Gulzar Alam

Pashto Singer

Selecting Dr. Ashfaq Hair Transplant Center for my hair loss problem and for hair transplantation is the best decision of my carrier. I became impressed from natural looking hair Transplant of my colleague singer “Irfan Khan”. I am very much satisfied from hair transplant result. No body can detect my hair line. In short for best and natural looking hair transplant Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is the single choice. I am very thankful to Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan for his endless efforts.

Irfan Khan

Famous Singer

Dr.Ashfaq has no match in Hair Transplant surgery. He is a gift of ALLAH especially made for our showbiz People. Now i can style my hair the way i want. No worries, no tension. Keeping in mind my natural Hair line ,density and minimal Scar Visibility i consider him the best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Mahjabeen Qazalbash

Pashto Singer

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is very popular among actors and actresses for cosmetic procedure. While seeing the cosmetic procedures’ results of my other showbiz star friends, I approached Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan, and now I am feeling very well & looking good. I am referring his name with full confidence. Thanks Dr. Ashfaq for helping me out.

Fazza Fayyaz

Pashto Singer

Hair transplant surgery changes your personality if your surgeon knows the art of natural looking hair line. Really in elixir hair transplants center Islamabad art meet with science. I am sure that Dr Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is the master of the natural looking hair line & I don’t consider any one best from Dr Ashfaq Ahmad Khan in hair transplantation.

Shoukat Mehmmod

Famous Pushto Singer

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Hair Transplant Result is unbelievable. I came to Dr. Ashfaq while seen the result of my other collegues. Thanks Dr. Ashfaq for giving me my confidence back.

Meena Shams

Model & Actress

Its very important for everyone and especially for actress to look impressive. This is my personal experience that “Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan” is doing this important job in a very selective, nice and special way. Thanks Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan for giving me my confidence back.

Ali Khan

Model, Actor & Anchor AVT Khyber

The only one reason i selected Dr.Ashfaq Ahmad Khan for hair Transplant Surgery "Naturalness".I have seen the hair transplant result of other show business friends,really that amazing. No body can detect my hair transplant result this what which is called naturalness.

Asif Ali Yousaf Zai

Model, Actor & Anchor AVT Khyber

Dr.Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is a young,energetic,Talented and an Artistic Hair Transplant Surgeon. Looking young is not bad at all.

Dia Shumail

Famous DJ FM 105

Looking young, fresh, cool and decent is every body's wish.Thanks Dr.Ashfaq ahmad Khan for converting my dreams into a reality.

Rashid Qayum

Model, Anchar & Prouducer AVT Kyber

Really science and Art meets in Elixir Hair Transplant Center, When you select Dr Ashfaq Ahmad khan as your Hair Transplant Surgeon.