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Slider-Backgound At Elixir hair transplant clinic, I got amazing reception and treated well beyond my expectations. They have a Professional team and I am fully Satisfied with my result. My hair result is Undetectable like my Googly. Famous Pakistani Cricket Star Yasir Shah Slider-Backgound Dr. Ashfaq has no match in Hair Transplant surgery. He is a gift of Allah specially for showbiz stars. Now I am tension-free, confident and can style my hair my way. Observing the result of my procedure, I recommend him as one of the best surgeons accross the country. Famous Singer Irfan Khan Slider-Backgound The only reason I selected Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan for Hair Transplant Surgery is Naturalness. The results of my other showbiz friends is stunning. Naturalness is what Dr. Ashfaq delivers. Thank you Dr. Ashfaq TV Actor Tahir Ali KHan Slider-Backgound Looking Young, Professional and Confident than ever before. Dr. Ashfaq has given me the look what I was looking for. He is an Artist. Thank you Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan. Pashto Singer, Anchor Saba Kazmi Slider-Backgound Selecting Elixir for my HairLoss and Hair Transplantation is the best decision. The result of my colleague IrfanKhan was so impressive to drag me to Elixir. My result in undetectable and I am very much impressed.
Thank you Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan.
Famous Pashto Singer Gulzar Alam
Slider-Backgound I am strongly recommending Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan for Hair Transplant Surgery. Really, he has no match in creating Natural Hair Transplantation. Famous Pashto Singer Shoukat Mehmood Slider-Backgound Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is very popular among TV artists for #CosmeticProcedure. While observing the results of my other showbiz friends, I approached Dr. Ashfaq and now I am feeling looking better than before. I totally recommend him. Thank you Dr. Ashfaq Famous Pashto Singer Mahjabeen Qazalbash Slider-Backgound Its very important for everyone and especially for an actress to look impressive. This is my personal experience that Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is doing this important job in a very selective, nice and special way. Thanks for giving me my confidence back. Actor, Host Meena Shams Slider-Backgound I am really thankful to Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan and his team for their artistic work especially in creating my Natural Hair Line. My hair line is undetectable. Thank you Dr. Ashfaq for your endless efforts. Famous Singer Sarfaraz Khan Slider-Backgound I am strongly recommending Dr. Ashfaq ahmad Khan for Hair Transplant Surgery. Really, he has no match in creating Natural Hair Transplantation. Famous Singer Zafar Iqrar
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FUT Hair Transplant in Pakistan
FUT hair transplant

Preformed under the presence of local anesthesia. After the removal of the strip from the scalp the wound is sutured back with small pieces of scalp tissue.

FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan
FUE hair transplant in Islamabad

We use the most advanced technology in FUE to get you the best Hair Transplant Results. These procedures require removal tiny grafts in between 0.6mm to 1.25mm in diameter.

PRP Injections

Blood contains plasma, RBC’s, WBC’s and platelets. Platelets are small discoid cells with a life span of about 7-10 days. Inside platelets contain granules which contain clotting and growth factors.

Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

Elixir provides Laser Hair Removal at home for both Men and Women. The Laser Hair Removal works by sending a laser beam to the hair follicle on specific parts of body.

Creation of
Natural Hairline
natural hair line creation

Creation of natural hair line is an art in which art and science meet together in Elixir Hair Transplant Center Pakistan. We are master in creating natural hair line that makes the individual especially undetectable.

Not sure which Services
you require?

Don’t be confused. If you are not sure which services best suites you, Just give us a call and we can discuss in detail. Elixir is always there to help you.

Elixir Hair Transplant by Dr. Ashfaq

Hair Transplant in Islamabad

Elixir hair transplant in Islamabad is one of the best hair transplant center in Islamabad Pakistan having one of the top highly experience and qualified hair transplant surgeon Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan. He has 18+ years of experience in field of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery, by implying his experience and specialty Dr. Ashfaq have performed 7000+ successful surgeries and produced exceptional and phenomenal results of FUE hair transplant surgeries. Majority of our customers are from show biz celebrities, they are very much satisfied from hair transplant surgery operated by Dr. Ashfaq ‘s Elixir hair transplant center in Islamabad.

Elixir center provide cost effective FUE hair transplant in Islamabad as compared to other hair transplant center in Islamabad Pakistan. The cost of FUE hair transplant in Islamabad is very Low as compared in the world other countries.

Dr Ashfaq Ahmad khan perform hair transplant on the following 2 methods.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

The purpose of Both Surgeries is to restore your hair with natural Hair line and max density.

Dr Ashfaq Ahmad khan is famous for creating Natural Hair line. Nobody can detect his hair line. He is master in Natural Hair line creation.

Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Hair loss and baldness is one of the most common problem for men and women recently. Due to hair loss most people lost their confidence and social life, and they feel very bad most of the time. In Pakistan, many people are also suffering from hair loss and baldness, the teenagers also facing receding line at the early age due to genetic and improper diet and nutrition, the climate also causing hair loss.

If you miss your hair style because of hair loss problem. You don’t need to worry.Get back your confidence back through FUE hair transplantation in Islamabad. Dr Ashfaq Ahmad khan has operated Number of Celebrities including Pakistan’s Cricket Team leg Spinner Yasir Shah and world Champion Rana Sadaqat Ali.

Hair transplant in Pakistan is the famous treatment across the globe. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is the leading Surgeon for Hair Transplant in Islamabad. Dr. Ashfaq is the pioneer of FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is the best choice for FUE hair transplant in Islamabad

People worry about their hair loss and very keen to get rid of it but for this purpose they need to find best hair transplant center in Pakistan, searching over the internet by following the ratings and reviews of best hair transplant center in Islamabad Pakistan.

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan
Welcome to Dr. Ashfaq’s Elixir Hair Transplant Islamabad

The leading Hair Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Hair Removal center in Pakistan

Elixir Hair Transplant, Skin Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center is the world’s renowned Hair Transplant and cosmetic surgery center is located in the capital of Pakistan, the beautiful Islamabad.

Before/After Gallery

Our clients love the results of the procedure

FUE hair transplant in Islamabad

Before/After Gallery

Our clients love the results of the procedure

FUE hair transplant in Islamabad

We are rated 5 Star from all our clients

Feel free to contact us. When its about your hair, you are at the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hair Transplant totally Safe and Natural?2021-01-14T18:18:07+00:00

Yes. Hair Transplant is totally safe and natural. The hair are extracted from your own body and implanted. So there is 100% chance for them to regrow as normal as natural hair. You can wash them, clean them, cut them as normal hairs.

Why should I choose Elixir for a hair transplant?2021-01-14T18:22:24+00:00

Elixir is Pakistan’s leading clinic for hair implants. Our doctors are highly qualified and professional and maintains the natural hairline and minimum donor scar visibility.

Does the procedure hurt?2021-01-14T18:23:26+00:00

With the use of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, discomfort and pain during the procedure is totally eliminated and you would feel normal.

How much time is involved for treatment?2021-01-14T18:24:14+00:00

Multiple sessions at various intervals are usually required. Most patients can achieve a full, natural look with a minimum of procedures. Most successful candidates for micrografting and hair transplantation require one to two appointments, usually several months apart. Each office procedure lasts approximately from three to four hours.

What happens after the surgery?2021-01-14T18:25:03+00:00
  • Most patients can return to work 24 to 48 hours after their hair restoration.
  • Hair is washed the morning after each procedure.
  • Vigorous physical activity should be limited for five to seven days.

Medication is utilized to minimize swelling which can occur. Some crusting or small scabs may be present for seven to ten days, along with some itching at the treatment sites. Any numbness at the donor or recipient sites usually disappears within several weeks to a few months.

Are there any complications from surgery?2021-01-14T18:40:57+00:00

As with all surgical procedures, there is always some risk. However, complications from the surgical treatment of hair loss are rare and generally minimal. Bleeding and/or infection are infrequent and minor. In general you should avoid aspirin or certain drugs or some herbal remedies before surgery. If you have specific concerns please discuss them with your physician.

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