Subcutaneous Micro-Pigmentation

Hairs are half of your personality and half of your beauty whether you are a woman or men. It doesn’t matter hair holds equal importance for both genders. We also face a lot of hair problem which is natural but not normal. It should be treated right away. That’s why when it comes to hair problems; there is a range of options available for those seeking a solution. Humans have progressed in this particular field so much.  The hair treatment technology and care behind dealing with baldness are constantly progressing and improving.

Subcutaneous micro pigmentation is a highly advanced treatment of cosmetic pigmentation. It involves the use of highly specialized equipment and techniques to inject into the scalp. Subcutaneous micro pigmentation is performed by our skilled surgeons. They took special care during the whole process to get hundred percent results.  It has success rates of more than 90%, making it one of the most effective and promising options for people facing thinning hair or hair loss. Get your hair transplant at Elixir hair transplant now and enjoy life. The best hair transplant center in Islamabad and team of highly experienced surgeons on hand with the highest success rate.

Why choose us:

There are many reasons to choose us for hair treatment

Our Expertise

Our reputation for outstanding care and friendly atmosphere, together with technology and facilities ensures. We have expert surgeons to work with us. They are highly experienced and recognized by the medical board as specialized in their field. They are granted the right to practice here based on meeting exacting criteria. Our doctors are expert in their field and qualified provider who can expect to achieve new, natural, permanent hair growth. You will see the significant result in just a matter of time.


Our approach to technology is way better than the other clinics.  We have access to advanced medical, surgical, and advanced treatments.

Cost-efficient Quality Care

We are committed to providing effective, high-quality, cost-efficient healthcare. We provide care to both patients with insurance and those who wish to pay for their care. It is always said that there is a risk in subcutaneous micro-pigmentation. You might don’t get the result you are expecting but we have broken the myth by achieving effective results.

Low budget:

As we all are aware hair treatments like Subcutaneous micro pigmentation are so expensive even worldwide. They require special training and drugs. But you don’t have to stress about it. We are here to reduce the stress and provide you. That’s why our costs are so reliable and low budget. We give you the best without any trouble for you.

Elixir hair treatment center strives to be the leading provider of hair treatment, excelling in the provision of quality hair transplants, and is committed to the highest quality standards of patient care.​ We take immense pride in declaring that our patients are highly satisfied with our service. The highest success rate is evidenced by our reputation for high-quality performance. For more information visit: