Situated in the exquisite capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, the globally acclaimed ELIXIR Hair Transplant, Skin Laser, and Cosmetic Surgery Center stand as a distinguished destination for premier hair transplant and cosmetic surgical solutions.

Hair Transplant at Elixir is carried out in 4 easy and painless steps.

  • Local anesthesia is applied to prevent any complications and minor pains.

  • Hair grafts are extracted from the donor area.

  • Hair grafts are implanted in the effected area with very care.

  • The results are always outstanding. This is where you enjoy your natural hairline look.

Elixir Hair Transplant Steps

ELIXIR Hair Restoration, Skin Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre Islamabad is the only Centre Approved by the Ministry of Tourism – Govt of Pakistan for Medical Tour across the world. That’s why Dr.Ashfaq Ahmad Khan’s Name and his center name (Elixir Hair Restoration, skin Laser & Cosmetic Surgery center) has been added on official website of Ministry of Tourism – Govt of Pakistan for medical tourism across the world in the field of Hair Restoration, Skin Laser & Cosmetic Surgery. Elixir name has been added on official website of the Ministry of Tourism – Govt of Pakistan on the basis of excellent tracking record, providing the most natural looking, undetectable hair lines and the finest donor scars.

Elixir Hair Restoration in Islamabad has excellent surgical team leading by Dr.Ashfaq Ahmad Khan. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan, Hair Restoration Surgeon, is one of the most prominent figures in Pakistan and around the world. He is best known for his experience in providing the most natural looking, undetectable hair lines and the finest donor scars.

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is unique in the hair transplant field. His perfectionist approach demands that each graft should be placed in the precise angulations and direction allowing exceptional results. He takes great pride for his large procedures, up to 4500 plus graft in selected patients that’ s why most of the showbiz super star of Pakistan select Dr.Ashfaq Ahmad khan for hair Transplant and other cosmetic procedures.

The benefited Showbiz Stars are:

Elixir Hair Transplant Islamabad
  • GULZAR ALAM (Pride of performance, Famous Singer)
  • IRFAN KHAN (Pekhawar kho Pekhawar de kana)
  • MAHJABEEN QAZALBASH (Pride of Performance , Famous Singer )
  • MEENA SHAMS ( Famous TV Actress/Model)
  • FAZAA FAYYAZ (Famous Pashto Singer)
  • SARFARAZ AFRIDI (Uff Da Cha Yadoono pa ma sa okrhl)
  • TAHIR ALI KHAN ( Famous TV Actor)
  • ASIF ALI YOUSAFZAI (Famous TV Actor, Anchor, Model)
  • SHOUKAT MEHMOOD (Famous Singer)
  • RASHID QAYYUM ( Famous TV Anchor &Producer)
  • DIA SHUMAIL ( Famous FM 105 Radio )

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan has also been featured in several beauty and fashion magazines as a specialist Hair Transplant Surgeon. He also appeared on the local, national and international television and radio talk shows to discuss his experiences regarding treatment of hair loss and full scope of aesthetic concerns in men and women.

Patients from around the world travel to Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan at Elixir Hair Transplant, Skin Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre a “State of the Art” facility to those extraordinary results.

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan has a select clientele with 90% of his clients from abroad including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Turkey, Singapore, Germany, Saudi Arabia and UAE including famous artists, singers, politicians, bureau-crates, doctors and army officers.

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan
Dr. Ashfaq’s Elixir

The leading Hair Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Hair Removal center in Pakistan

ELIXIR is the world renewed hair transplant and cosmetic surgery center is located in the capital of Pakistan, the beautiful Islamabad.

natural look
Every cosmetic procedure at Elixir Hair Transplant, Skin Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre is performed by the physician himself to give natural and appealing results with minimal down time and after surgery care. Patients are able to go home within an hour of recuperation time after the surgery procedure.

At Elixir Hair Transplant, Skin Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre we give special attention to cleanliness and sterilization. All medical tools used are of international standards. We tailor our skin care regimen to the individual needs of the patient and are dedicated to giving every patient the best looking and healthiest skin possible. The practice prides itself on always staying on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery which is important in the field where sky’s the limit in term of new advances.