Gastric ballooning is the latest internationally proven weight reducing procedure. This procedure is very popular in all over the world for being the reason of non-invasive nature.  This Procedure is ideal for the patient who is in the bracket of obesity and has made many efforts to shed off their extra weight with routine dietary plane and other weight loss régimes. Gastric Balloon is made of soft silicon which is inserted in to the stomach and then filled with sterile without any surgical intervention.

With this procedure the patient will have the feeling of satiety (Feeling of fullness), only after eating small portion of his routine every day diet. Consequently, the person eats less and dissolves the fat in his body without going through the tortures associated with dietary restriction, starvation and exercise. The entire e procedure takes about 30 minutes and does not require the involvement of general anesthesia or any hospitalization. Gastric Balloon is removed from the stomach after about six months the best thing is that this procedure being entirely reversible.

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