FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a hair transplant technique done by taking individual hair follicles from your skin and moving the follicles to another part of your body transplanting them to the areas of the head that have been affected by hair loss. FUE hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure, but it is important to remember that it is still considered surgery and should be taken seriously but the results are good. Also, this is more than your best hair treatment. It has become more popular than the other treatments like follicular unit transplantation, which led to the hair plugs’ look.

FUE hair transplant in Pakistan

It is highly recommended to those men and women who are stressing over hair problems like thinning of hair and baldness from hair thinning and baldness. We completely understand the stress and frustration it causes that why we introduced FUE hair restoration in Pakistan. It is an excellent opportunity for you to restore hair growth effectively and reliably by highly qualified and experienced surgeons.

FUE hair transplant is considered a highly anticipated hair treatment in Pakistan. It gives patients a full, beautiful, restored head of hair just in few weeks. FUE transfer method allows the surgeon to strategically and artfully place the individual hairs, resulting in a natural-appearing growth pattern. It is an incredible technique science has ever innovated for hair care. Hairline and new hair growth don’t look artificial at all. It all seems real and natural.

FUE hair transplant in Islamabad

FUE hair transplant technique is considered a great success. While results of hair transplants entirely depend on individuals’ health and the severity of their hair damage. But it’s not normal that it ever goes wrong. This treatment maintains much higher success rates across than other hair transplant techniques.

It gives the best results than the other hair transplant techniques. After the treatment hair grows exactly like existing hair in texture, size, and color. It will leave no scare or any kind of sign that you went through any kind of hair transplant surgery. Your friends, family, and even your hairstylist may not even be able to suspect that you went through any treatment. And another reason why FUE hair transplant is highly recommended is that hair growth is permanent and you will not face further hair loss in the treated area. Patients begin to see significant results in 6-12 months and the final results can be in a span of 12 months.

FUE hair treatment success rates of more than 90%, making it one of the promising options for people facing thinning hair or hair loss. It provides a modest change in hair fullness and your personality. Our qualified surgeons do their best job and their instructions will increase their chances of a successful hair transplant. So, if you’re facing a hair loss problem, don’t take stress just straight come to us. We will sort it out for you and will provide 100 percent results. FUE hair transplant in Peshawar is highly recommended hair transplant technique. It’s your best chance so must avail it.

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan Elixir

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is the world’s renown and Pakistan’s top class surgeon with over 18+ years of experience and more than 7000 successful surgeries. His clients are mainly from mainstream TV News channels including popular singers, Stars, TV Hosts and also National team players.

Yasir Shah

At elixir hair transplant clinic, I got amazing reception and treated well beyond my expectations. They have a professional team and I am fully satisfied with my result. My hair result is undetectable like my googly.

Yasir Shah, Famous Pakistani Cricketer

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is a Young, Energetic, Talented and an Artistic Hair Transplant Surgeon. Looking young is not bad at all.

Asif Ali Yousafzai, AVT Khyber

Selecting elixir for my Hair Loss and Hair Transplantation is the best decision. The result of my colleague Irfan Khan was so impressive to drag me to elixir. My result in undetectable and I am very much impressed. Thank you Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan. Thank you elixir.

Gulzar Aalam, Famous Pashto Singer

Its very important for everyone and especially for actress to look impressive. This is my personal experience that Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is doing
this important job in a very selective, nice and special way. Thanks for giving me my confidence back.

Meena Shams, Artist, Model, VJ @ AVT Khyber

The only reason I selected Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan for Hair Transplant Surgery is #Naturalness. The results of my other showbiz friends is stunning. Naturalness is what Dr. Ashfaq delivers. Thank you Dr. Ashfaq.

Tahir Ali Khan, TV Actor

I am really thankful to Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan and his team for their artistic work especially in creating my Natural Hair Line. My hair line is undetectable. Thank you Dr. Ashfaq for your endless efforts.

Sarfaraz Khan, Famous Pashto Singer

Hair Transplant Surgery improves your personality. Choosing the best surgeon who knows the art of natural looking hairline is a challenge. At elixir “Art meets Science”. He is a gem and knows how to deliver the best natural hair line. Thank you Dr. Ashfaq.

Fiza Fayaz, Famous Pashto Singer
Mahjabeen Qazalbash at Elixir

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is very popular among TV artists for Cosmetic Procedure. While observing the results of my other showbiz friends, I approached Dr. Ashfaq and now I am feeling looking better than before. I totally recommend him. Thanks Dr. Ashfaq.

Mahjabeen Qazalbash, Famous Pashto Singer
Irfan Khan

Dr. Ashfaq has no match in Hair Transplant surgery. He is a gift of Allah specially for showbiz stars. Now I am tension-free, confident and can style my hair my way. Observing the result of my procedure, I recommend him as one of the best surgeons across the country.

Irfan Khan, Famous Pashto Singer
Zafar Iqrar

I am strongly recommending Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan for Hair Transplant Surgery. Really, he has no match in creating Natural Hair Transplantation.

Zafar Iqrar, Famous Pashto Singer
Saba Kazmi at Elixir

Looking Young, Professional and Confident than ever before. Dr. Ashfaq has given me the look what I was looking for. He is an Artist. Thank you Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan.

Saba Kazmi, Famous Pashto Singer, Anchor

I am strongly recommending Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan for Hair Transplant Surgery. Really, he has no match in creating Natural Hair Transplantation.

Shoukat Mehmood, Famous Pashto Singer

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